Time to go…

On Sunday after we cleaned the house one final time we headed to a hotel for the night. We stayed at the Hampton Inn just down the road from our house. The final walk through was going to be the next morning and we wanted to be close just in case they needed us. Staying at the hotel was all of us plus Mike’s sister, Diane.  You see our travel plans changed at the last minute and instead of Mike and Diane driving our second vehicle out to California, their parents decided to drive it instead.  I had to book last minute flights for them and so we all were flying out of MSP airport on Tuesday, March 21st. But we were not on the same flight…more on that later!

Once we checked in and got settled for the night some of our family and friends came to see us one last time. The kids went swimming and had so much fun! This was so bittersweet seeing them and having a great time knowing the next day would be our final “see you later”.

The next morning my sister picked us up since we didn’t have access to our car anymore, and we headed to the cities.  We also stayed at the Hampton Inn up there.

As you can see, we were very well stocked with snacks!
Our hotel was very close to the airport, so we got to see airplanes flying by us all evening.

The next morning, Tuesday, we were up bright and early to catch our flights. Mike and Diane headed to American Airlines and the boys and I were on Delta.  Let me tell you, the boys did OK. There was just a few times where I was about ready to lose my cool, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

This was Logan’s first time flying and Gavin’s second time flying.  Unfortunately we did not have a non-stop flight.  We made our one stop in Salt Lake City, UT. But it really wasn’t that bad, by the time we all used the bathroom and found a snack we really didn’t have that much down time.  Mike and Diane also had one stop in Dallas, TX.

We all arrived in San Diego, California around 12:15 in the afternoon.  Mike’s brother met us at the airport to pick us up and bring us to his house.  The boys really did great. This was a huge week for them with lots of changes and emotions but they really behaved well.

In the next post I will tell you all about our first few weeks here!



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