Our New Town!


We now live in Murrieta, California.  This town reminds us a lot of Rochester in population size. However, this town is about 5 miles across where Rochester is about 9-10 miles from one end to the other.  So it is more compact and actually it doesn’t feel crowded because a lot of people commute so the town really isn’t very busy during the day.

You can read more about our town here.  We have lots of options for groceries, gas, restaurants and more.  We also have a really nice Library which puts on events and activities all the time for the kids. However, our Walmart is kinda small, but we do have one of the biggest Walmart’s I have ever seen just 10 miles down the road in Temecula. Which Temecula has lots of wineries that we are just starting to visit.

We also found a great church that we really love, you can check it out here.  Pastor Ron’s sermons are great and so is his personality.  The church is just a short  minute drive away in Wildomar.

People are really nice and traffic isn’t really that bad if you avoid rush hour. The cost of living is about the same as Rochester for the most part. We do pay more for water since this state is mostly in a drought all the time. The schools here are great, Gavin’s is ranked  really high and he does like his school.  We have also tried In-and-out Burger and we do like it a lot. But it is always super busy, however, the line seems to go fast. I think the best part of our town is that we are only a 45 minute drive to the beach, and we love the beach! Oceanside beach is our go-to beach and it has a parking lot too, so we don’t have to walk forever to bring all of our stuff to the beach.

Lastly, we have so many cool events going on around here for all of the holidays. I feel like there are so many things to do that it can be overwhelming. I will try to post things as we do them so I don’t have a hundred pictures to post at one time.

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