Our Last Weekend in MN!

I’ll start with Friday, this was Mike’s last day of work.  After I brought Gavin to school and Logan to preschool, I headed to Walmart. I met up with Mike’s parents at the front door and we walked to the back of the store where they were having their morning meeting. They asked us to join them because they were giving Mike a farewell and having us there made it more special for him.  They kind of roasted him a little bit, gave him some going away “supplies” and of course had a cake.  Mike had worked for Walmart for 20 years and I also worked there for 12 years, so these people were more than just co-workers, they were like family.  It was really bittersweet.

For this move, we decided to use the U haul U-Boxes to transport all of our stuff.  It was actually quite easy.  All I had to do was call and reserve the boxes in advance and give them a payment for the number of boxes we thought we were going to use.  And one by one we went to our local U Haul store and picked them up.  They put each box on a trailer and all we needed was a hitch to connect it to and then we could bring them to our house.

We started packing the first one on Friday after Mike got off work. I had done a lot of packing already so we were able to really pack the first u-box fast. I wish I would have taken a photo of it, but I am sure I was too busy. So we filled this one up, brought it back to U haul and then brought back another one.

We started in right away the next morning. This was a crazy day. We ended up selling a lot of furniture so that we didn’t have a ton of stuff to move. So without a table and chairs we had lunch on the floor and of course the kids thought it was fun!  We spent all day packing up boxes and going back and forth to U haul.  It was a long and crazy day!

On Sunday we packed up the last of the u boxes and cleaned up the house and we all headed to a hotel for the night. But more about that in the next post!

We are so very thankful for all of our family and friends who came out to help us this weekend.  You all were amazing in helping us finish packing and just taking care of all of the last minute things.  Which included packing up a ton of donations for goodwill. I did not want to bring anything extra with us. I think I donated thousands of dollars worth of merchandise to the local goodwill. And of course, now that we have been here for six months my donation pile has already started. Geesh!

Mike, Mark and Jeff packing up one of the big TV’s.
At one point we set up a tv in Logan’s bedroom so the boys could have something to keep them occupied.


My sister and brother hanging out with my nephew and Logan.











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