New Years Resolutions!

It is that time of year when everyone makes New Years Resolutions and of course I do too!  I have decided to really up my game in almost everything I do this year.  Some of my resolutions are:

  1. Spend more quality time with my family.  I really want to help Logan learn his letters, numbers, colors and start writing his name.  He isn’t in preschool right now so I want to be his “teacher” for him.  I also want to help Gavin with is flash cards for math and read his books with him.  We also as a family received Legoland season passes and I really want to put them to good use. Lastly, the boys recently discovered their love for hiking and we really want to do more of it as a family. Oh and we all want to go to the beach more 🙂
  2. Eat cleaner, drink more water and try to stay away from sweets as best as I can.  I have an Hashimotos, an autoimmune disease and Hypothyroidism and I feel like it only gets worse with age. So it is hard for me to function some days and I know that eating healthier will help me feel better. Also, I have recently become highly sensitive and almost allergic to nuts. So I am avoiding them completely, which is hard because I love all kinds of nuts and they are in almost all granola bars out there.
  3. I have decided that this will be my fittest year yet! I have started cycling and I really am enjoying it. I also want to hike more (see #1 above) and explore this beautiful state and the many trails it has to offer.  I am also going to do yoga every single night before bed. I want to do this to stretch out my muscles after a long day and to calm my soul. I also need to actually stretch after every run, I have been slacking on this and I can feel it.  I plan on keeping my running schedule of running 4-days a week. Lastly I am going to try to cross train with weights at least 2-days a week.  I have lots of races planned this year and I really want to perform my best.
  4. I want to read my Bible more and just read books more.  I joined a women’s Bible study group this fall and I just love it and the ladies are so inspiring to me. Not to mention I have so many good books that I need to read!  Of course this means I will probably do it right away in the mornings or right before bed.  I also want to pray more! I feel like there are so many people and things that I can pray about and I just need to do it more.
  5. And for this last one, I really want to take my new endeavor of direct sales for Monat to the highest level I can.  I have never done a MLM business before and I have so much to learn. But I feel like Monat has some amazing products for all hair types and can truly help people who want more hair or just longer, stronger and healthier hair.  There are some amazing testimonies for these products and soon I will share mine. But for now this is my new adventure and if you are curious you can check out my website.

Thank you for hanging in there and I hope you are having a great start to your 2018!

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