Let’s back up…

I want to go back to when this adventure started. It was late 2016 and Mike found out his job was being eliminated at Walmart. And at that same time I was also actively looking for a new job.  So after a few conversations and multiple phone calls we decided that we were going to do something that we have talked about since we first got married. And that was, we were going to move out West.

We wanted to let our family know in person the decision we made. We let out our news during the holidays when the family was all together.  I would say that some were surprised and happy for us, others not so much.  But we felt that so many things had happened in our lives in the last 8 months to a year that it was the right time for us.

Thanks to a super hot housing market in Rochester our house sold in one day with three offers and for more than asking price.  That was a huge blessing to us.  Once we had a closing date for our house, we had an official timeline.  The only caveat was that Mike had a certain time frame he could safely leave walmart in order to get his severance package.  Now that in itself from start to finish was a long, exhausting, disappointing and frustrating time for us. I will maybe blog about that later, stay tuned.

We decided that I would quit my job two weeks before we actually moved so I could pack up the house.  My last day of work was March 3rd, 2017.  And on March 4th Mike and my brother, Zac, left on a week long trip to drive one of our cars out to California.  They drove about 11 hours a day and slept and hotels each night. And on the last night they stopped in Vegas.  They spent just  few days at Mike’s brother, Joe, and his wife, Lynda’s, house.  Then they flew home on Friday, March 10th.

As if we weren’t busy enough we had Logan’s 3-year old birthday party and our Going away party on Saturday, March 11th.  I just wanted to to say “Thank You” again to all of our friends and family that came out that day to celebrate with us and a special thanks to those who helped with all the food and preparations.

We got a really neat photo album from my sister, with pictures of Minnesota and my dad’s farm.
Logan and his cheesy smile at his 3rd Birthday Party!




Here I am with all my sisters and brothers and my dad at our going away party.

The next week Mike went back to work for his last week at Walmart and I focused on packing like crazy.  I also had to make so many phone calls and emails in regards to our move. It was a pretty intense week and thankfully my mother and father-in-law were there to help.

In my next post I will talk about our last weekend in our house and our actual move across country.

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